Guangzhou Baiyun Int'l Airport:1st Take,Aug-17Traffic,Pax Tr

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport has released its August 2017trafficnumbers.。

    Pax traffic growth improved slightly to 9.8% YoY, from 9.6% in Jul-17. In 8M17,pax momentum was robust at 10.3% YoY, above 6.4% in 8M16.。

    Aircraft movement strengthened to 7.0% YoY, from 5.3% in Jul-17, while dailylandings increased to 1,308(vs. 1,272in Jul-17). Average pax per aircraft alsoimproved to 143, from 141in Jul-17. In 8M17, aggregate aircraft traffic increased6.8% YoY, higher than 5.1% in 8M16.。

    Cargo/mail volume growth accelerated to 8.6% YoY, from 5.0% YoY in Jul-17.YTD, cargo volume rose 7.0% YoY, stronger than 6.0% in the same period of2016.。

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